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Solo artist Chơn, renowned for her emotive sound, announces her new single ’68 Deep Wounds’ / ’68 Vết Đau’. Reflecting her versatile appeal, this single will be released in both English and Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) simultaneously on all streaming platforms globally on 18 August 2023.

Conceived in 2022, ’68 Deep Wounds’ / ’68 Vết Đau’ draws from Chơn’s reflections and experiences of life’s pains. The number 68, often considered lucky in Vietnamese culture, is here symbolically repurposed to represent wounds, adding a layer of depth to the song’s narrative. The English and Vietnamese versions each encapsulate their unique essence of pain and distinctiveness.

This collaboration with RBID Production features Nguyễn Thái Thanh Trí on the instrumental side and Tùng Oz as the producer. The single intertwines Vietnamese folk music elements with a modern mix, offering an intriguing experience for listeners ready to confront their inner wounds.

The lyrics – “68 deep wounds in my heart and mind. Play the game you force me to lose…Daylights trapped in a prime. I don’t know who I am…” – evoke a journey of self-reflection and questioning, pushing listeners to ponder who causes their pain: is it themselves or others? This introspective journey is at the heart of the song.

While Chơn is the vocalist for the nu-metal band, Bodies On The Floor (BOF), Chơn’s solo journey has seen success with her debut single ‘Roses’ and follow-up ‘Rewind’. Her latest offering promises to further cement her status as a solo artist who can craft music that deeply resonates with a global audience.

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