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The Gratoners are a Hanoi-based reggae fusion band, with members hailing from South Africa and the UK. Their music brings a unique blend of soulful reggae, funk, ska, hip-hop, and dancehall.

Zak, Justin, Oisin, Solo, Oli and Peet all met in the vibrant city of Hanoi, Vietnam.The band formed as a passion project for a group of new friends who all have a strong passion for making music. The 6 piece collective brought together their own musical styles and influences to make a fusion of reggae and other various genres.

After playing frequent gigs around the city, in 2020 the band released their first EP, Free Drinks and Food. The title represented the struggle of new bands playing empty gigs, and just going for the free drinks and food. After releasing their first EP, the band continued to grow in success, continuing to write songs and develop throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Their 2nd ‘EP Heard A Song’ showcased the constant development of the band, despite the challenges that were present throughout the world.. Guitarist Jonathan Gibson (SA), bassist Jack Halo (USA) and pianist Daniel Kelly (UK) all contributed to the foundation and songwriting of the band before departing to their respective countries after recording on both EPs.

The band were fortunate enough to have Oli Coulam (UK) and Peet Bornman (SA) join The Gratoner’s family. Since joining, the band have continued to write original music, blending reggae with an array of different genres including hip-hop, funk, jazz and ska.

In 2022 the band signed to indie label Dark Escapes Music with multiple projects in the works set to release in the near future.


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