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Altoduo is a Singaporean instrumental duo that fuses math-rock, new-age, and chill-hop. They’ve gained international attention through podcast features and collaborations with artists from Singapore, Germany and USA. Their latest album showcases a range of emotions and themes, from laid-back summer vibes to raw, vulnerable urban soundscapes.

Altoduo’s unique sound, which fuses math rock and chillhop, sets them apart from other instrumental duos. Their ability to seamlessly blend these genres creates a fresh and innovative musical experience. Because of their increassed visibility and popularity, they’ve been invited to play at the Singapore Esplanade’s venues and also been recently invited to play in the most sought after F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2022.

Looking for a fresh musical experience, or music that pleases the ears? Get ready to be blown away by Altoduo’s Unique Sound.

Altoduo Are:

Winifred Tan: Drum & Keys

John Paul Kwan: Bass


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