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Dark Escapes Music is excited to announce the release of the latest single from Singapore’s premier math-rock duo, Altoduo. Their new track, “Sun-kissed (42 Degrees C),” will be available on all major streaming platforms.

Exploring the Soundscape

“Sun-kissed (42 Degrees C)” represents a masterful fusion of chill-hop and math-rock, showcasing Altoduo’s unique ability to blend complex rhythms with accessible, feel-good melodies. The track is anchored by Wini’s intricate drum patterns and JP’s understated yet powerful bass lines, creating a rich and immersive auditory experience.

Inspired by J Dilla’s iconic beats, Wini’s drumming incorporates quintuplets and unique rhythmic groupings, adding a layer of sophistication that will resonate with aficionados of intricate percussion. JP’s contribution draws from his extensive background in 2000s trip-hop, layering carefully selected notes to build a soundscape that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking.

Innovative Production Techniques

The production of “Sun-kissed (42 Degrees C)” is a testament to Altoduo’s dedication to sonic experimentation. Utilising Ableton’s advanced capabilities, JP integrated basic plugins and presets to craft a seamless blend of acoustic and electronic elements. The track’s background synths and pads are enriched with textures from Decent Sampler, adding depth and complexity to the overall sound.

A notable feature of the production is the inclusion of dialogue from the 1938 film “Under Western Stars,” bookending the piece and adding a unique narrative layer. This creative choice enhances the track’s nostalgic vibe, tying together the thematic elements of warmth and relaxation.

Artistic Vision and Collaboration

The single’s cover art, designed by resident artist Rei Yukon, perfectly complements the music. Featuring JP’s pet dog, Rudolph, basking in the sun, the artwork embodies the track’s themes of simplicity and contentment. The sketchy, ink-like style aligns with the laid-back yet intricate nature of the music, creating a cohesive visual and auditory experience.

Promotion and Engagement

To promote “Sun-kissed (42 Degrees C),” we are leveraging multiple channels to reach a broad audience within the music community. This single is ideal for chill-hop and math-rock playlists, and we are actively seeking inclusion on influential streaming lists. Additionally, we will engage with fans through targeted social media campaigns featuring behind-the-scenes content and interactive reels.

Live Performances and Future Plans

Altoduo will perform live at select venues in Singapore, including a special appearance on July 4th. These performances will allow fans to experience the duo’s dynamic sound in a live setting, highlighting the intricate musicianship and innovative production techniques that define their music.

Looking ahead, Altoduo is preparing for the release of their upcoming EP, which promises to expand on the themes and sounds explored in “Sun-kissed (42 Degrees C).” The EP will feature collaborations with various artists, adding new dimensions to their rich sonic palette.

About Altoduo

Altoduo comprises Wini, who handles drums, keyboards, and more, and JP, the bassist and producer. Based in Singapore, this duo is known for their innovative blend of chill-hop and math-rock, creating music that is both intellectually stimulating and widely accessible.