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Artist News

Reggae Fusion Band Drops Long-awaited Single

Hanoi, Vietnam - The Gratoners, a rising reggae fusion band from Hanoi, is thrilled to announce the release of their highly-anticipated new song "We Back". This energetic and soulful track…
Artist News

The Future Is Sick

Following on from their album Past Lives earlier in 2022, Gold Coast based The Future According to Eve has continued their prolificacy in releasing track after track of rock music…
Artist News

Virgin Black’s “Elegant… and Dying” set for global streaming release

Australian doom outfit Virgin Black's second album, “Elegant... and Dying” is set for streaming release worldwide on 25 November 2022 to all major platforms. The release, courtesy of their new…
Artist News

MathRock Duo To Share International Stage at Singapore Grand Prix

Commencing on September 30 and running over three nights, headliners such as Green Day, Black Eyed Peas, Marshmello, and even Westlife, will be part of over 70 performances across the…
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The Gratoners Sign With Dark Escapes Music

The Gratoners are a Hanoi based reggae fusion group with members consisting of expats hailing from South Africa and the UK. The band melds a unique blend of soulful reggae,…
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Adelaide Metal Band Unleash Debut Album

It’s been 12 months since the formation and Echoes In Eternity have finally unleased their debut album, Into The Negative. Over the past 12 months since their formation, and the…
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Echoes In Eternity release new single, Not Anymore

After their recent single Retaliate, Echoes In Eternity have announced the release of yet another blistering single from their upcoming album, Into The Negative, due out in April. This new…
Artist News

Adelaide Mid-Coast Singer signs with Dark Escapes Music

Adelaide mid-coast singer-songwriter Nick West, expands his potential after signing new deal with indie label Dark Escapes Music. Beneath his relaxed surfer-like vibe, Adelaide Mid-Coast singer-songwriter, Nick West, exudes a…

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Image of young man in a studio - by Bas van Daalen
BlogDigital DistributionMusic IndustryPublishing

7 Myths & Conspiracies About Music Publishing & Royalties

Many musicians today avoid music publishing either because of bad stories they’ve heard, getting advice from those who know little to nothing about it, or simply because it can be…
Male guitarist at the front of stage playing his guitar
BlogMusic IndustryTouring

Touring Tips for Bands: From Booking Agents to Business Cases

Touring is a critical aspect of a band's growth and development, and working with a booking agent can make the process easier and more efficient. However, before embarking on a…
BlogMusic Industry

Why Agreements are a Must-Have for Collaborating Musicians

Collaborating with other musicians can be an incredibly fulfilling experience, whether as part of a band or those amazing one-off collab experiences. It allows you to combine your creative energies…
Microphone on adjustable stand in foreground with a blurred background
BlogMerchMusic Industry

How to Sell Band Merch on Bandcamp

If you're wanting to sell merch on your Bandcamp account, then we're here to help. Bandcamp is a popular online music platform that allows artists to sell their music and…
BlogDigital DistributionMusic IndustryPublishing

What is an ISRC, ISWC or UPC, and Do I Need Them?

In all areas of music publishing and distribution there are a number of acronyms that are crucial to each song’s existence in the global system. In this article, we take…
BlogMusic IndustryPublishing

Who Are The Real Songwriters?

For many young musicians today, understanding who the real songwriter is can be confusing. When we talk about collaborators, producers, performers, or even session musicians, it’s easy to become lost…
BlogMusic IndustryPublishing

10 Reasons to use Dark Escapes Publishing

1. Keep 100% of Your Rights Many publishing companies like to take some sort of ownership in your work when you sign a deal with them. In some cases, perhaps…
woman composing music on a keyboard with a microphone next to her
BlogMusic IndustryPublishing

Composition Royalty Splits Explained

If you have registered your songs with a Performance Royalties Organisation (PRO), eventually you will receive a letter advising what percentages you will receive when certain royalties are generated. If…