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An Evocative Dive into 80s Romanticism Amid Modern Tech Waves


Coming off the back of tours spanning three continents and having shared spaces with renowned artists like former Smiths bassist Andy Rourke, the compelling band House of Light is set to release their much-anticipated second studio album, ’21st Century Prayer’, this September.

Riding high from critical acclaim and captivating interactions with stalwarts like Frank Blank, House of Light’s latest offering is set to be a groundbreaking journey through time and sound. The album promises a dark and hypnotic blend of shoegaze, masterfully combined with a dreamlike ambience. This auditory exploration is not just another album; it’s a transportive experience.

Loyal fans and newcomers alike can expect tracks that are not only danceable but also transcendent, blending the allure of 80s romanticism with modern-day’s relentless technological surge. House of Light’s unique sound signature is characterised by epic laments and implosive poetry, forging an immersive soundscape that challenges the very boundaries of reality.

Building on their legacy, which includes touring alongside celebrated artists like Pete Doherty and Lydia Lunch, House of Light is proud to carry the torch of genuine new-wave indie rock into a new era. With ’21st Century Prayer’, they continue their commitment to authentic, boundary-pushing music.

In a statement from the band, they shared, “This album is a reflection of our journey – it’s a nod to the past, a recognition of the present, and a step into the future. We’re thrilled to share this with the world.”

’21st Century Prayer’ will be available across all major music platforms from 15 September 2023. For album pre-orders, exclusive merchandise, and tour dates, visit the House of Light Artist Page or follow House of Light HERE.

About House of Light

After successfully touring across three continents, interviews with the likes of the former bassist of the Smiths, Andy Rourke and capturing the attention of Frank Blank, HoL’s next album promises to deliver a dark and hypnotic blend of shoegaze while offering a journey into a dreamlike ambience.

Their sound, while danceable, transcends the boundaries of reality with epic laments and implosive poetry that evokes a kind of 80s romanticism in the face of today’s modern tech tsunami. 

Having previously toured with Pete Doherty & Lydia Lunch, HoL has been hailed as carrying a torch for genuine new wave indie rock as they prepare to release their 2nd studio album, 21st Century Prayer – Available in Sept. 2023.

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