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Raven x Rabbit: An Indie Pop Revelation

Danna (The Raven) – Composer, Music Producer, Synesthetic Visionary

Born in 1995 in Hanoi, Danna was a restless spirit, channelling his boundless energy into music from the age of 6. Initially forced to learn piano to keep him from his mischievous adventures, Danna found his true calling in music. By 12, he had embraced the guitar, influenced by Vietnam’s famed rock guitarists. However, his heart eventually led him back to the piano, his first love. Danna’s educational journey took him from Hanoi’s Foreign Trade University to the United States for an MBA and finally to Japan, where jazz piano became his new passion. In Japan, he worked to showcase his talents as a guitarist, pianist, producer, arranger, and mixing engineer. Danna’s music is a canvas of colour and imagination, influenced by diverse artists like Hans Zimmer, Slash, My Chemical Romance, Chopin, Bill Evans, and Porter Robinson. His synesthesia paints his music into vibrant colours and vivid pictures, adding a unique layer to his artistic expression.

Heather (The Rabbit) – Singer-Songwriter, Self-Taught Musician

Born in 1998 in Hanoi, Heather’s musical journey was one of self-discovery and determination. Despite being encouraged to focus on academics over piano at 6, she taught herself both piano and guitar, inspired by her friends’ musicianship. Heather’s vocal talent came to light in the 8th grade, a serendipitous discovery during a birthday celebration. She pursued English studies in high school and later moved to Japan for her university education. Her time in Tokyo as a salary-woman was transformative, culminating in a two-year stint as the lead vocalist for a prominent rock band. Her seven years in Japan were a period of artistic growth and exploration, heavily influenced by Paramore, My Chemical Romance, indigo la End, Lizzy McAlpine, Laufey, Mitski, Phoebe Bridgers, Hitsujibungaku, and beabadoobee.

Alive: A New Indie Pop Anthem

Raven x Rabbit’s latest single, “Alive,” is a testament to their unique blend of indie pop sensibilities and deeply personal storytelling. The track showcases Danna’s synesthetic fusion of colour and sound, coupled with Heather’s emotive vocals, weaving a narrative that resonates with the vibrancy and complexities of life. “Alive” is more than a song; it’s an experience, an exploration of emotion and imagination, and a bold statement from a duo that will redefine the boundaries of indie pop music.

With “Alive,” Raven x Rabbit invites listeners into a world where music transcends traditional boundaries, offering a glimpse into their extraordinary journey and artistic vision.


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