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Raven x Rabbit, a dynamic indie pop duo from Hanoi, is capturing attention in the music scene with their richly textured sound and emotive storytelling. With their latest single, “Reasons,” they continue exploring human emotion’s complexities, blending vivid synesthesia and heartfelt vocals into a compelling musical narrative. As they gear up for a significant year, the duo is busy in the studio putting the final touches on their upcoming album, scheduled for release later in 2024. Before the album’s arrival, fans can look forward to new material set to drop soon, following the success of “Reasons,” their poignant second single. The duo also plans to take their vibrant new sounds across Asia with a tour to promote the album later in the year.

Danna (The Raven) – Composer, Music Producer, Synesthetic Visionary

Danna was born in 1995 in Hanoi, where he turned his boundless childhood energy into a profound musical vocation. Initially introduced to the piano as a way to channel his liveliness, he quickly found his calling. Over the years, Danna expanded his repertoire to include the guitar, drawing inspiration from Vietnam’s esteemed rock guitarists. His educational journey spanned several countries and disciplines, from an undergraduate degree at Hanoi’s Foreign Trade University to an MBA in the United States and finally to Japan, where he delved into jazz piano. Danna’s unique ability to perceive music as colours enhances his compositions, making his work a vibrant tapestry influenced by various artists, including Hans Zimmer, Slash, and My Chemical Romance.

Heather (The Rabbit) – Singer-Songwriter, Self-Taught Musician

Heather, born in 1998, also hails from Hanoi. Despite early encouragement to focus on academics, she taught herself piano and guitar, driven by a desire to emulate her musically inclined friends. Heather’s vocal talent emerged by chance during a middle school celebration, setting her on a path to becoming the evocative singer-songwriter she is today. Her artistic journey took her to Japan for university studies, where she also spent transformative years as the lead vocalist of a prominent rock band. Heather’s musical influences are eclectic, ranging from Paramore and My Chemical Romance to indie artists like Mitski and Phoebe Bridgers, enriching her songwriting and performance style.

Together, Danna and Heather as Raven x Rabbit offer an immersive listening experience that invites fans into a world where music vividly paints emotional landscapes. This upcoming album promises to be a testament to their growth as artists and their commitment to pushing indie pop’s boundaries.