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Raven x Rabbit is shaking up the music scene with their latest single, “Reasons.” This song deeply delves into the heart of betrayal, capturing every phase from denial to acceptance with a seamless mix of Pop Rock, Indie Pop, and Alt-Pop. More than just a track, “Reasons” is a musical exploration of the highs and lows that follow a painful separation. The duo’s powerful vocals deliver raw emotion, making each lyric resonate with anyone who’s ever felt the sting of a falling out. The melody supports this journey, turning the song into a healing anthem for the brokenhearted.

Reflecting on the track, the duo shared, “Ultimately, it turned out that no one was fully to blame for the breakup. It was a moment for all of us to confront some uncomfortable truths, let go of our grievances, and move past the sadness.”

Raven x Rabbit isn’t your typical pop act. Their music is a vibrant mix that could easily feature as the backdrop of an anime series, blending robust Western rock with subtle Eastern nuances. Danna (The Raven) began his musical venture at six, mastering the piano before branching out to the guitar and jazz piano. Drawing inspiration from a broad spectrum ranging from Hans Zimmer’s cinematic compositions to My Chemical Romance’s alternative rock, Danna has also proven his mettle as a producer and collaborator in Japan.

Heather (The Rabbit) is the lyricist and voice behind the duo. A self-taught pianist and guitarist, she discovered her vocal talents early on and has been perfecting her art ever since, including performing as the lead vocalist for a prominent rock band in Tokyo. Heather’s musical style is a fusion of Paramore’s dynamism and Mitski’s reflective depth, creating a distinctive indie-pop sound.

Listen here:

Raven x Rabbit "Reasons" Cover Art