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With Raven x Rabbit‘s debut single, “Alive,” set for release on January 19, Indie pop is about to get a refreshing uplift. The duo, comprising the talented Danna (Raven) and Heather (Rabbit), is poised to captivate the hearts of listeners with their emotionally rich and creatively vibrant music.

“Alive” is a musical journey that speaks directly to the soul of its listeners. Starting as an intimate ballad, it builds into an exuberant indie rock anthem, mirroring its audience’s emotional depth and explorative spirit. The song weaves a narrative of hope, love, and the thrill of self-discovery, echoing the aspirations and experiences of youthful explorers.

Danna’s enchanting piano blends seamlessly with Heather’s evocative vocals, making “Alive” an anthem for those navigating the complexities of young adulthood. It’s a track that resonates with the online-savvy, culture-rich audience that thrives on authenticity and creativity in music.

“’Alive’ is more than a song; it’s an expression of the journey towards finding yourself and embracing life’s adventures,” Heather explains. “It’s for everyone who’s ever stood at the crossroads of their dreams and dared to take a step forward.”

With its release, “Alive” is set to become a staple on streaming platforms and social media, where its audience actively seeks new and emotionally resonant music. Raven x Rabbit is not just introducing a single; they offer an experience that blends music with the vibrant tapestry of young emotions and aspirations.

“Alive” will be available on all major streaming services starting January 19, promising to be a touchstone for those who find solace and inspiration in music.

About Raven x Rabbit

Raven x Rabbit, an emerging indie pop duo, brings a fresh sound to the music scene with their unique blend of emotional depth and creative flair. Comprising the talents of Danna (Raven), a synesthetic composer and music producer, and Heather (Rabbit), a soulful singer-songwriter, the duo captivates audiences with their atmospheric melodies and poignant storytelling. Their debut single “Alive” showcases this fusion, transitioning from a heartfelt ballad to an indie rock anthem, resonating deeply with themes of adventure, self-discovery, and the vibrancy of youth.

“Alive” can be pre-saved here: