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“Past Lives” is a collection of eight songs (including a cover from 80s Kiwi band Misex) written in the late 90s and early 00s. It provides a glimpse back to times that are very different to now but still timelessly familiar. Over 20 years in the making, Past Lives is available now on popular streaming platforms on March 4, 2022, through Dark Escapes Music.

Past Lives is a Rock/Alternative Rock album pushing the boundary by re-imagining an eclectic and ever-presently popular sound with a unique style. Combining elements from different decades, Past Lives casts its allure on audiences of all ages. Past Lives carries an underdog bound-to-be champion ambience, a certain mystique and value that will resonate with fans globally. One of the album’s best qualities is the ability to transition sounds and genres from uptempo punk-rock-inspired riffs into beautiful ballads moments later. It features real instruments, all of which shine respectively in different solos at individual moments and simultaneously. Past Lives is loud and hard but also subdued Rock; its riffs explode into epic chorus lines, and its power chords are performed over rangy bold vocals. The lead single, Meaning of Hurt, is a creative mixture of storytelling of an intimate emotional rollercoaster combined with a fast-paced rhythm. Long contrasting cadences from the lead vocalist and sweeping, dramatic, suspenseful violin strings successfully breathe life into this song about fear leading to rage.

At twenty years in the making, Past Lives is a delivery of life’s passion for the artists involved; the “Making Of” video, available on YouTube, explores the song’s meanings and how the album came together.

Music that blends elements of Rock with influences from other musical styles will be trending on the international scene and within the industry, with Past Lives likely to achieve similar results.


About The Future According To Eve

The Future According to Eve was established in Auckland, New Zealand, by Guitarist and Vocalist Michael Lobb. On this album, Michael gathered musicians from around the world, including musicians Daniel J Gallardo (USA) and Kyle Alexander (New Zealand) on Drums;
Lucy Buerckner (Australia) and Rodney Vidanes (Philippines) on bass; Neemias Teixeira (Brazil) on Keyboards; and Joylin (Romania) on Violin. 

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