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After beginning her musical dream at the age of 18, Chơn (pr. Chern) has finally been able to lay the first solid brick in her musical wall, 10 years on, as she prepares to release her debut song ‘Roses’.

Previously known for her leading vocals in a Vietnamese Nu Metal band called Bodies On the Floor (BOF), Chơn has always wanted to explore a more serious solo career, and share her unique musical talents with the world. While there is still a lot of room for growth in becoming a well-rounded artist, Chơn already has vocal skills, beatboxing, raping, and the ability to hold a good scream.

When it comes to making music, Chơn maintains a simple mindset and a motto that “we make music simply to make music.” For Chơn, making music for herself is the highest priority before making music for others to enjoy. Even with just a 3 minute song, Chơn hopes that others can escape from their reality as she does.

Her music is soft, gentle yet vulnerable. Much like her own personality. However, there is a unique strength in what she does, and how she seeks to overcome adversity. Having a bilingual background, her songs are often delivered in both Vietnamese and/or English. Yet, despite the language those moments when one or the other cannot understand the words, Chơn hopes that people will feel the message that she is always trying to convey. Though she considers herself a wanderer in the world of music, Chơn is very thankful that through music, she is able to find her true self.

After sending her song ‘Roses’ to Australian Indie Label Dark Escapes Music, she received an instant response that led to signing a deal. Excited about what lies ahead, Chơn is now devoting all of time and energy to completing the many other songs she has begun working on. Expect more from this talented individual.


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