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The Future According To Eve is a band with a distinctive approach to rock music. The group has a unique way of combining energetic alternative influences with a more melodic touch. Their most recent studio album, “Past Lives”, is a perfect example of how they blended these influences to absolute perfection.

A genre of music stays alive through artists willing to be innovators and push the boundaries. This is most definitely what The Future According To Eve set out to accomplish on “Past Lives”, a piece of music that highlights their willingness to be inventive and innovative from the ground up. The production is also awesome, showcasing so much depth and artistic integrity from the moment you hit the play button.

The release is well-layered throughout, showcasing the artist’s ability to give the audience something above average. The Future According To Eve’s personality is key to the whole listening experience, which makes this release all the more special. The album features seven original songs and one cover from New Zealand 80’s-era pop sensation Misex. Each song brings a sense of depth and authenticity to the release.

The opening track, “All You Wanted,” is a perfect way to kick the record off, providing a monolithic rock vibe with massive electric guitars interacting with a violin line that’s expressive and melodic. Fans of artists like Staind or Saliva would connect with this one. The song “Meaning of Hurt” is another highlight of this release – it comes with a matching music video that perfectly matches the song’s atmosphere. This track has a bit of an 80s rock vibe: the guitars are huge but also melodic. That flanging-type effect in the intro riff has a vibe reminiscent of Van Halen and other 80s rock icons. Still, the overall vibe of the track is far rawer and alternative-leaning, especially when the chorus hits.

Other tracks showcase the band’s versatility on this album. For instance, “When You’re Here” is a groove-driven banger with a funk-rock vibe that would not be out of place on an Audioslave record. The busy hi-hats and hard-hitting vocals lock into absolute perfection. These are only some of the many notable moments from an album that feels like a true musical journey.

The band is tight, operating as a solid unit and allowing the sound to hit the audience in a more energetic and even emotional way, as the lyrics match the intensity of the music, adding more authenticity to the group’s formula. The set list is organized perfectly as well, with the songs dovetailing into one another to create a perfect flow of energy and melody, like a musical roller coaster with staggering heights and calming lows, alternating for a more organic experience.

Find out more about The Future According To Eve, and do not miss out on “Past Lives”, which is currently available on all the usual digital streaming platforms or through their label, Dark Escapes.

Sounds Fresh, March 2022