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Retaliate, the latest track from Adelaide Metal band, Echoes In Eternity, is set to explode a few eardrums from the 25th of February.

The brainchild of acclaimed songwriter and guitarist Aidan Cibich of Apophis and ex-Double Dragon vocalist Lee ‘Liggy’ Gardiner, the dynamic duo have been joined by drummer Andrew Parkinson (Blood Covered Shovel, Officer Down and In:Extremis), bassist Jason Moon (Double Dragon and Acid Wolf), and multi-award winning Pacific Island artist Elena Baravilala as backing vocalist.

Now with their line-up complete, the Echoes in Eternity crew are proudly displaying their late-90s influence with Retaliate, which features the machine-gun rhythm section of Moon and Parkinson, underpinned by syncopated, razor sharp riffage from Cibich, and topped with Gardiner’s thundering vocals.

Vocalist Lee Gardiner explains that lyrically the song is a call to retaliate against the scourge of depression, anxiety and mental health issues plaguing our socially networked society today.

“It’s a reminder to fight the internal barriers we place on ourselves, to not surrender to apathy and acknowledge that choosing life can be a fight for some,” he said.

“If that’s you, we want to encourage you to retaliate against those barriers and fight with all of your might.”

The group has prodigiously released new music over past few months to rave reviews, including a recent tweet from metal legends Fear Factory calling the previously released EIE track a “Killer F@#%ing song”.

With the release of their debut full-length set for 22 April, Echoes In Eternity are poised to become a firm favourite with metal fans far and wide.



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