To create a mental diversion from undesired realities by embarking on a Dark journey through music.

Meet the Band

Dark Escapes is professional Heavy Metal band formed out of Vietnam. They not only perform quality covers but are also working on their original material to be unveiled in 2019.


Lam Simba

Lam is a talented musician. Skilled in playing keyboards & drums, as well as being the front-man for Dark Escapes.


While he has an enormous responsibility to perform, he undertakes this role with ferocity & determination.


Lam is the quintessential Metal head and aptly suited for Heavy Metal music. His vocal range offers the band an ability to diversify their sound.


Hùng Đàm

A passionate musician, Hùng (pron. Hoom) has been playing guitar for over 10 years now. His technique as a player exudes perfection, making him one of the top Metal guitarists in Vietnam. Hùng provides leadership with lead & rhythm guitarist. However, it’s his ability to execute perfect solo replication at over 200bpm that sets him aside from the goats.

As a strong contributor to song writing also, there is no doubt of the untapped potential Hùng has, to becoming number one across Asia.



Quân Mai

Originally from the north of Vietnam, Quân (pron. w.on) left family, friends & everything in search of a musical home.

His journey eventually led him to become one of the original members of Dark Escapes where he has helped to provide stability within the band as a solid rhythm & lead guitarist as well as providing backing vocals.

Quân is also a solid contributor to writing original material to be released soon.


Paul Leonard

Founder & owner of Dark Escapes, Paul has a rich history of musical & entrepreneurial experience. As the bass player for Dark Escapes, visionary & leader, Paul uses his vast array of experience to guide the band towards higher achievements that will resonate across Asia, & beyond. For a devote Christian, Heavy Metal is not just a passion, but a vehicle…




Mạnh Trí

Mạnh Trí (pron. tree), is an amazing young drummer who wasn’t allowed to have a drum kit at home. He learned how to play the drums using buckets, lids, & his imagination.

After joining Dark Escapes, Trí worked his ass off to show his commitment & eventually come to replicate techniques of some of the world’s finest Heavy Metal Drummers.

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