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Australian doom outfit Virgin Black’s second album, “Elegant… and Dying” is set for streaming release worldwide on 25 November 2022 to all major platforms.

The release, courtesy of their new label Dark Escapes, means the band’s sophomore album will be available to stream for the first time outside of North America. To celebrate the release, Dark Escapes will also release an upscaled music video of Virgin Black’s iconic single “Our Wings Are Burning”.

In 2003, a shortened version of “Our Wings Are Burning” became the first Virgin Black song to be brought to life in music video form. Additionally, its final words, “All is lost but hope”, ultimately became a catchcry for long-suffering fans during the band’s largely unexplained, decade-long disappearance from 2008 onward.

Amid the drawn-out dirge of classical-inflected darkwave doom permeating vast portions of the rest of the album, distinct counterpoint moments arise.

“The Everlasting”, a daringly grand and epically proportioned piece, builds to a snarling black metal peak – while elsewhere, tracks with a more traditional song aesthetic also bloom out of the vast soundscape.

“Velvet Tongue” is first to latch onto a song-ish sensibility with its rousing chorus and anthemic outro – though the album closer, “Our Wings Are Burning”, has long proven to be the most iconic track of the release.

The upscaled music video of “Our Wings Are Burning” will be released on 11 November 2022.

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