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Following on from their album Past Lives earlier in 2022, Gold Coast based The Future According to Eve has continued their prolificacy in releasing track after track of rock music based around an 80s sound with modern influences.

With “Sick”, they’ve managed to capture a synth-driven hard rock groove reminiscent of Van Halen’s “1984” or Rush’s “Moving Pictures” era. Multi-instrumentalist Michael Lobb mentions this when talking about the writing process:

“I had been trying out a lot of new synths for another project, and while I loved them, they were not quite suitable – so I plugged them in and out came the main synth lines for Sick.”

Lyrically, the song is deeply personal for Lobb and describes his bad relationship with alcohol since his father’s passing in 2020 from cancer. 

“Grief is something I’m not good at dealing with. For the past few years, my relationship with alcohol did become more dependent,” he says. “Writing about this has been very cathartic and has helped the healing process.”

The drummer on this track, Kyle Alexander, says he enjoyed putting down the groove for this track and has been relishing the collaboration over distance. He says, “Michael has purposely removed drums from the demos he sends so I can contribute my influences in the beat while respecting the groove.”

We will definitely be hearing more from this group in the future, according to them. “Sick” is out now on all major streaming platforms through Dark Escapes Music and will be followed up in 2023 with more material. “Yeah, I’ve got a couple of years worth of material to finish, “ Michael laughs, “thankfully the label is very supportive and patient with me.”