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Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, and despite today’s technology, things don’t happen overnight.

Dark Escapes Publishing collects from a myriad of revenue sources, with each source paying out on their own timeline.

When you first sign up with us it will take an average of 9-12 months before you see your first royalty payment. This is because, on average, it will take around 9-12 months before your catalog is fully registered globally. Once this step has been completed, we then begin to receive and process payments from the various societies around the world.

Once Dark Escapes Publishing receives royalties for your registered musical works, you will receive these earnings at the end of that quarter, so long as you have accumulated enough royalties to make the $10 minimum payout.

It is important to note that some societies prioritise based on total earnings, and so the higher earners will be paid out faster.

If you are experiencing a significant amount of streams and don’t think you are receiving the correct amount of royalties, email us at and someone from our team will follow-up on this as quickly as possible.