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Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Deezer and many other online streaming platforms have taken over how we listen to music today. With the development of the digital music era, it has never been easier to get your song(s) out into the world and listened to by millions. And every time your song is played, the songwriter(s) are owed royalties. You know, money.

However, it’s likely you’re not be getting 100% of the streaming royalties you’re entitled to.


Here’s why…

For various reasons, many artists are uploading songs to online streaming platforms without using a registered publisher, and in doing so they are missing out on certain royalties. So, if that’s you, it means you will never get the maximum amount of money your song deserves.

Let’s understand why…

Technically, each song has two halves to it. There is the Master side (the actual recording of the song) and the Composition side (the song that includes melody, lyrics and beat created by the songwriter/s). When your song is played on a streaming platform, both Master and Composition (publishing) royalties are generated.

The diagram below helps to show how a song is viewed in terms of royalty payments.

Diagram depicting the structure of Composition & Mechanical royalties for an original song

Distribution companies like CD Baby, DistroKid, TuneCore, etc. along with most record labels are usually only responsible for collecting your master royalties, from your master recording. However, some platforms now offer publishing services for an extra cost.

A music publisher collects the royalties for the Composition of your song and pays that money to the songwriter(s), less the agreed publishing fees. Publishing royalties include both performance and mechanical royalties, which are earned, tracked and then collected by collection societies around the world.

However, traditional Performance Rights Organisations (PROs) responsible for collecting composition royalties internationally don’t always deliver as promised. This is where Dark Escapes Publishing can help. We collaborate with our network of international music publishers to ensure that all of those composition royalties are collected and paid to you accordingly.

So, if you are a songwriter who has a song, or several, on any streaming platform around the world, it’s important to understand that you are entitled to more royalties than what you are likely getting. If you want to maximise your revenue opportunities, then ask us how you can get paid the royalties you are likely missing out on. In many cases, we can also claim some backdated royalties on your behalf!

Isn’t that worth ‘Escaping with us’ for?

Dark Escapes Monogram (large)

Dark Escapes Publishing Pty Ltd is a registered publishing company in Australia offering services across the music industry to help artists licence and distribute their content internationally, while also collecting royalties on their behalf. If you are a musician who needs assistance with this, connect with us to find out what happens next: