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1. Keep 100% of Your Rights

Many publishing companies like to take some sort of ownership in your work when you sign a deal with them. In some cases, perhaps that’s ok for more experienced creators who understand how this game is played.

However, many prefer to retain full ownership of their music where possible. When you register with Dark Escapes Publishing, you keep 100% of your copyrights, because we understand how important it is to maintain control over something you worked hard to create

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2. Flexible Agreement Terms

Most conventional publishing deals usually take between 30% and 50% of your musical composition royalties in exchange for a variety of services and opportunities, whether you take advantage of those offerings or not. In many cases, all you need is someone to take care of the paperwork in making sure your songs are correctly registered, and all royalties are collected (Admin Publishing).

Additionally, the term for most conventional publishing deals can be anywhere from 3 years or more. During that term, publishers will want creative input and want to guide your direction, sometimes in a manner you may not feel comfortable with. Ultimately, you end up handing over the majority of control.

Dark Escapes Publishing wants to change all of that. We offer simple 1 year rolling agreements where you maintain all of the control. You can opt to leave at the conclusion of any 12 month cycle if you’re not happy. However, we simply provide the global administrative publishing environment that you need to collect the royalties you deserve.

We leave the rest to you, and provide publishing support when you need it. This gives you the freedom to take your own career in the right direction and feel confident that your royalties are being collected from every angle.


3. One-Time Fee

When registering with Dark Escapes Publishing, you pay a one-time fee of AUD$150 per writer. This gets you global royalty collection across more than 245 territories, and the ability to register an unlimited number of songs, while retaining your copyrights.

We can register you with the collection society of your choice at no additional cost if you’re not already set up with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) like APRA AMCOS, BMI, ASCAP, or IMRO. In addition to all of that, we can also provide you with global digital distribution through our Dark Escapes Music platform, and therefore, keeping everything together under one account for improved convenience. Isn’t that worth considering?


4. You’re In Control

Whether you are registering songs, submitting a setlist, or checking your account details, you’re never more than an email away. Dark Escapes Publishing is also building a unique platform that will offer songwriters to login and perform a range of functions with ease, and without having to contact anyone (available early 2023).

We have a strong team always ready to assist you with your publishing enquiries. All you have to do is ask! Dark Escapes Publishing is working hard to ensure you maintain control of your environment.


5. Global Reach

We often talk about having a global publishing reach, and while some countries are easier to communicate with than others, we do cover approximately 98% of the world’s music market for royalty collection.

Dark Escapes Publishing maintains direct relationships with a number of collection societies, and through our sources, we can collect from more than 60 pay sources and collection societies in more than 245 territories around the world, giving us one of the biggest ranges of royalty collection coverage available to fiercely independent creators.

Whether you’re already affiliated with a PRO like APRA AMCOS, or an international society like ASCAP, GEMA, or any other, we collect the publishing royalties on your behalf. Perhaps you with COMPASS in Singapore and touring elsewhere in Asia. No problem, we can submit your setlist on your behalf no matter where you may roam.

We don’t stop there; Dark Escapes Publishing is continually finding ways to strengthen our position and provide songwriters with more opportunities around the world.


6. You Choose

In many conventional publishing deals, creators are often required to deliver all of their songs to the publisher. Further to that, many agreements require the songwriters to write, compose and deliver a minimum number of songs during a term.

Dark Escapes Publishing offers you a choice in which songs you want us to help you manage. You can register just one with us, or the whole catalogue. We have clients who make different choices and enjoy the freedom that comes with this option. But either way, we can assist you with your catalogue no matter what it looks like; and focus on collecting those royalties.


7. More Than Your Collection Society

Every songwriter needs to be affiliated with a PRO or Collective Management Organisation (CMO) in a territory. These organisations help collect the writer’s share royalties as well as the occasional publisher’s share.

However, PROs or CMOs cannot cover every potential pay source around the world. This is part of the reason Dark Escapes Publishing has established the foundations it has been building. We found a way to collect all of your royalties (performance, mechanical, even micro-syncs) in one place.

For this reason, we act on your behalf to collect those royalties where PROs or CMOs may not be able to so that you can get on with what you do best: make good music.


8. Client Services

Music Publishing is not an easy topic to understand or grasp on the various layers that exist within. Our team at Dark Escapes Publishing is always on hand to answer your queries.

Start by visiting the ‘Learn’ section on our website where we have an FAQs page, Glossary of Terms, Industry Blog articles, and other resources to come. Otherwise, simply email us your question and one of our team of experts will be happy to respond as quickly as possible.


9. Your Royalties – Your Way

We’re continuing to build our platform so that you can enjoy the best music publishing experience possible. In 2022, we’ll bring you a personal dashboard where you can track your royalties any time, while also having the ability to undertake a number of other tasks without having to work through an intermediary.

We offer a quarterly payment schedule for songwriters who earn in excess of AUD$100 per quarter, which is more often than many publishers do. This means you’ll receive a transparent royalty report and a direct deposit every quarter (conditions apply). After all, it’s your money; you’ve earned it.


10. Dark Escapes Community

Finally, Dark Escapes continues to build a community of like-minded people from all walks of life in the music industry. Start by subscribing to our monthly newsletter that includes updates, news and more from both our Publishing & Indie Label platforms.

You can always check out the blogs on our website to learn more about different topics that are often easily forgotten or challenging to understand. When you become a member of the Dark Escapes family, you’ll be invited to our private group on Facebook, where we also have a variety of music industry friends from around the world who come from a variety of backgrounds like: songwriters, sound engineers, producers, musicians, publishers, managers, and more.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Publishing page, or Facebook Music Label page, Instagram, and subscribe to our Youtube Channel to keep up to date with the latest new releases, or even start distributing your music. We’re even on LinkedIn too.

Lastly but not least, is our online MP3 Store where artists can sell their music in the form of Mp3 downloads and earn more than you would streaming on platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, etc. Just reach out to us to find out more.


If you are looking for a music publisher, shoot us a message via or click here.


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