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Sell your music and start getting paid what your song is entitled.

You only need to register once with Dark Escapes and we’ll distribute your song, or entire catalogue, across our international network. We will help ensure you collect the maximum royalties available, whenever and wherever your music is played or downloaded. Even if you’re already affiliated with APRA/AMCOS, or another collection society globally, we are happy to assist you with the administrative processes.

It’s time to start building your revenue streams from a wider, more direct music publishing network linked to over 50 performance, mechanical, and digital licencing organistations across the globe.

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Whether you’re an established artist or just getting started, Dark Escapes can help you take control of your music. Start selling your music on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and many many more.

Create an account, upload your music, send us your cover art, and that’s it! We’ll send your music to the digital stores and streaming services, and put all of your royalties due, straight into your nominated bank account. It’s never been easier to get your music out there!

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Registration and Administration for Your Songs


Digital Revenue Tracking

When you lodge your songs with us, you can register any recording, including covers of your material, and we’ll make sure you get paid what is due to you.

Royalty Insights

We’ll provide you with quarterly reports showing different insights such as the number of streams, downloads, etc. by source and location to help you understand your income breakdown.

YouTube Tracker

Whenever your song appears on YouTube, including all videos, covers, live recordings and background music, we’ll start collecting your share.

Set List Management

When you perform live, tell us where and what you played, and we’ll ensure you earn the performance royalties you’re entitles to. In addition, your set lists are always saved, making it easier to track over time.

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Sign Up

Register on our homepage and a consultant will assist you with the next simple steps.

Add Your Songs

Upload your songs, cover art and release details, and we'll start the international distribution process.

Promote, Promote, Promote

It's time to get the show rolling! While we handle the admin stuff, you can start promoting. If you need help, just ask! We have a digital marketing team ready to assist.

Love Life

Now that's all done, it's time to do what you do best... Create more music and get paid every time someone downloads or streams your songs!

Register and Start Collecting

from our International

Music Publishing Network.


Register an entire catalog or just the songs you want Dark Escapes to represent. Simply provide us with your compositions and the recording information of your work, including any covers of your songs from digital service providers like Spotify. Then leave the admin stuff to us.

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FAQs, blogs, and more... We continue to build a host of free resources to help you get up to speed in minutes. Our team of experts offers insights that go beyond just music publishing, and incorporate many facets of the music industry.


As soon as you register, you have direct access to the Dark Escapes support team via our Chatbox. You can also find articles and supportive information by clicking on the 'Learn' tab in the menu. Or click below for more.

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Safeguarding the confidentiality and use of your personal information is a top priority for us. Administrative, physical, and electronic measures are in place to protect your data, including transaction encryption, firewalls, and limited administrative access. We don't take this matter lightly.

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Global Digital Distribution

We’re able to distribute your music to more than 100 countries around the globe so your fans will be able to listen to your music, wherever they are.

Maximise Your Revenue

Through our global publishing network, Dark Escapes strives to collect the maximum amount of royalties you are due.

There’s over 150 Digital Stores Globally

Dark Escapes Music continues to partner with major digital music services around the globe to ensure your music is available wherever your fans search for your songs.

Artist Support

From music publishing, to promotional support, and understanding more about the music industry, Dark Escapes offers a wide variety of services to help you progress through your musical journey.

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