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The Future According To Eve


Rock songs for hopeless romantics. The Future According to Eve was established in Auckland, New Zealand by guitarist and vocalist Michael Lobb. Taking the show to Australia, the project took second place to competing musical endeavours. Now, after nearly two decades, the music started bubbling away in Michael and like crying doves at a white wedding – needed to be released.

Musically, The Future According to Eve is part Nickelback, part Split Enz and a huge fan of Christina Aguilera while touring with Nine Inch Nails and Richard Marx. Covering topics like mental health, bullying and (of course) breakups, T’FATE’s lyrical content is sure to resonate with Gen-X’ers everywhere.

With their first release in 20 years “Past Lives”, The Future According to Eve will be here for you to drink red wine with whenever you need.

The Future According to Eve was established in Auckland, New Zealand, by Guitarist and Vocalist Michael Lobb. On their recent album “Past Lives”, Michael gathered musicians from around the world, including musicians Daniel J Gallardo (USA) and Kyle Alexander (New Zealand) on Drums;
Lucy Buerckner (Australia) and Rodney Vidanes (Philippines) on bass; Neemias Teixeira (Brazil) on Keyboards; and Joylin (Romania) on Violin. 


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