Diarsia is a Vietnamese Deathcore extreme metal band from Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon), in the south of Vietnam. They formed in early 2020 headed up by vocalist Khang Nguyen, who provides perfect guttural vocals that power over the incredibly fast, tight heavy riffs.

This five-piece band have recently signed to the Dark Escapes Music label releasing their latest single, ‘Purge’ in July 2021. Purge is now available here to own, or stream it on all major platforms around the world.

Featuring in their current line-up are:

– Lead guitar: Xuân Khôi
– Rhythm guitar: Ming Nguyễn
– Bassist: Ty Phạm
– Drummer: Minh Tú
– Vocalist: Khang Nguyễn


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Vietnamese Deathcore Band Sign To Australian Label

Vietnam’s slam deathcore outfit @Diarsia is set to release their latest single “Purge” on 25 July, courtesy of their newly acquired Australian record label @Dark Escapes Music.

Considered to be the No.1 deathcore band in Vietnam, Diarsia offers incredibly fast riffs that are super tight and perfect for slamming to, interlaced with timely breakdowns.

Front man Khang “Brutality” Nguyễn says the song will: “begin to define who we are as a band.

As Khang shares, the inspiration behind the song is that while many things in life will constantly change, there are some aspects that will always stay the same. And one thing is for sure: no matter what, there will always be war around us.

“Whether it’s nations against nations, economic wars, biological wars, religious or just social wars, the beast inside of everyone is always at war; and where there is war, there are also casualties, and unnecessary losses on all sides,” he said.

“Those losses can be both physical and mental. Sadly, this is a part of humanity that will always be, something we need to purge ourselves of.”

Diarsia have been slowly building over the past couple of years after some band member transitions, but now have a settled line-up. Despite covid-19 restrictions, they are pushing ahead with determination and outright ferociousness. As soon as restrictions ease, the band plans to head back into the studio to finish work on the remainder of their upcoming EP.

Khang believes Diarsia have pushed their songwriting maturity to a new level with this latest release, which was crafted in the studios of guest scream-vocalist Trần Huy.

“We want to lead the way and get our music out across the nation, and the world. We want to help the young people in our country understand more about this music, while we also share our talents with other countries,” Khang says.

“Purge” is available on all major streaming platforms from 25 July. It is also available as a high quality digital download from the Dark Escapes Music store.